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Randy Kipp, OFS

I was born and raised in the Denver, Colorado area.  My father was in the U.S. Navy,  So, I was born at the Fitzsimons Army Hospital just after the Korean War.

I learned to play the accordion beginning at age six in 1960.  I was part of an accordion marching band.  There were only two in the United States at the time.  From there I became a member of an accordion symphony orchestra and competed locally and nationally doing solo, duet, quartet, and symphony orchestra work.  I've played all over the world only because I drug the thing with me when in the navy.  LOL!  I switched from instrumental to vocal work once in high school in the early 70s.  Highlight being a member of the Sounds of BC at Bear Creek High School. 


The most significant event during my high school years was when I surrendered my life to Christ on June 6, 1972.  My life has never been the same since that moment.

After graduating from Bear Creek High School, in 1973, I followed my father's footsteps and joined the United States Navy right at the end of the Vietnam conflict and was honorably discharged while stationed aboard the USS Guam LPH-9 during my third deployment in 1979.  Deployments were usually six months in the Mediterranean Sea.  I was a missile fire control technician.  My job was to defend the ship using the ship's missile systems.

After serving in the navy for six years, I got married to my first wife and began a college career starting at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia ending up with an elementary education degree from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  In the meantime, somehow, three kids showed up with two of them being homebirths with midwives.

In 1987 we moved to the Philippines to serve as teachers with Wycliffe Bible Translators currently named Wycliffe Global Alliance.  We served the educational needs of the children of missionaries until 2002.  While there we traveled all over the Philippines from top to bottom and coast to coast.  SCUBA diving became a new hobby.

Sadly, the first marriage ended in divorce in 2007 and I got remarried to Lori in 2010.  Lori was a great inspiration for me to explore the Catholic faith.  Believe it or not, I used to pray Catholics out of the Church.  Those prayers kind of backfired.  The Lord brought me into the Catholic Church in 2013.  This has been an interesting journey to say the least.  I was interested in becoming a deacon, but the Lord closed that door and opened the door to the Secular Franciscan Order (profession pictured here) which in turn, led Lori and me to Mary's Homes of Hope.

Other interesting tidbits:  write poetry (postpoems.org/authors/pushkva), trained in taekwondo and krav maga (Israeli self-defense and fighting system),  and  enjoy geocaching, Lori and I enjoy digging for gold in Clear Creek, and we mine for sapphires, usually in our kitchen.  We were blessed to have had the opportunity to drive to Montana and dig in virgin soil at a sapphire mine.  Yes, we found sapphires, topaz, garnet, and a diamond.  I've played several instruments, love music especially the Celtic/Irish genre.  I love metal detecting, rock climbing, backpacking, and canoeing.  I used to do cross-stitching, but my old eyes just don't work so well nowadays.

I'm blessed to serve on the board of Mary's Homes of Hope with some very amazing people.  It's amazing how God moves and works in our lives! 

Isn't it?