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Karen Erickson

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Karen Erickson

I graduated from Mount St Scholastica Academy in Atchison KS - in 1981 it was still an all-girls high school.  College of the Ozarks, near Branson MO.  was my next stop.  This is where my cradle Catholic faith, a gift from my parents, became my own.  I learned to defend my faith on a Christian campus in the Bible Belt. 


I came to Colorado to be closer to a boyfriend and worked for the Colorado Beef Council and all the Colorado ranchers for 10 years.  God blew me away when the relationship I came to Colorado for, came to an end and I met my husband of 28 years on a young adult retreat with Fr. Ken Leone. 


God amazes and has blessed me with the faith community that has made the Archdiocese of Denver Colorado a home for Randy, a transplant from North Dakota and myself a transplant from Kansas. 


Maybe part of my pro-life attitude comes from family.  My family is BIG; my dad one of 13, and my mom one of 11, and I am one of 4.  My mother lost several babies, early in the pregnancies, but she loved children and her work in pro-life in the 70s and 80s influenced me greatly. I didn't find out, until my first trip to meet Randy's family, that he was one of 10.  


My Dad lost his mother when he was eight.  She died in childbirth with her14th child.  My paternal grandmother, Catherine Baker, is probably the biggest reason I am pro-life.  I am named after her (Karen comes from Catherine).  My middle name is Majella (after St. Gerard Majella - patron saint of pregnant women).  Randy and I married a little later in life he was 31 and I was 29.  Our faith led us to be open to life and we are grateful for our five children.  


So much of who God created me to be gets revealed after the fact.  His love shows up and carries me along my path, and when I look back, he shows me all the connections and gives me the grace to see His hand in all things!

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