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Prayers for the lonely

Dear Lord!
Make me remember, when the world seems cold and dreary and I know not where to turn for comfort, 
that there is always one spot bright and cheerful...the Sanctuary.

When I am in desolation of spirit,
when all who are dear to me have passed away
like summer flowers and none are left to love me and care for me, whisper to my troubled soul that there is one Friend who dies not,
one whose Love never changes

Jesus on the altar.

When sorrow thicken and crush me with their burden, when I look in vain for comfort,
let me remember Your words:
"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will refresh you."


Lord God,

Please release me from this lonely ache.

Please touch all the places of my emotional pain.

Please guide me to new times of experiencing Your comfort.

You promise to be with me and walk with me every moment.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


Dear God,


I feel alone.


Please bring the warmth of relationships into my life.

Please cover my thoughts with hope.

Please send your love into my heart.

I know You are alive in all I experience.


May the birdsong speak to my soul,

May the trees remind me of life,

May the bread I eat nourish my soul

with its goodness as I connect with the

world around me.


I give thanks for all those who love me,

For all those who care.

Help me to receive Your hope in my heart,

To embrace Your life flowing in mine.

I know I live and breathe as part of Your family And dwell safely in You.

I know You understand me.


I am not alone.



I feel lost.

Find me Lord, pull back the wreckage of my life so that I can breathe again.


I feel abandoned.

Embrace me Lord, cover my wounds with Your healing love so that I might stand restored.


I feel trapped.

Cut the chains Lord, release me from the weights that drag me down. Come! Bring Your freedom and hope.


I am desperate, yet I seek You God, the One who conquered the darkness, The One who rose from death, the One who said, “Follow Me”! I will follow the brightness of Your love. Even when it is all but a distant glimmer I will fix my eyes upon it.


I feel lost, yet I am found in that light.

I feel abandoned, yet You are beside me.

I feel trapped, yet You call me to freedom.

I feel desperate, yet You lead me to peace.

I draw near to You, Lord Jesus.

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